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Program Overview

Cutting-edge technology, cross-disciplinary environments, world wide communications, and economic forces drive today's industrial workplace. An ability to respond to these challenges and opportunities is essential for a company to compete successfully in a national and global marketplace. Thus, practicing engineers need to incorporate modern technological skills along with the economic realities of business operations. Rapidly changing organizational structures also require engineering professionals who can take on broad responsibilities while lending well grounded technical expertise to effective work teams.

To meet these demands, the Case School of Engineering offers a unique Master of Engineering Program that equips engineers in industry to continue along a technical career path but adds the dimensions of business, management, and teamwork skills. The Program differs from a traditional Master of Science degree in engineering by concentrating on current industrial practice rather than on research and differs from a traditional Master of Business Administration degree by focusing on the business and technical environment of engineering industries.

By integrating the disciplines of engineering and business and by developing the abilities needed to add value in a complex industrial environment, the Master of Engineering Program prepares its participants to function comfortably from the factory floor to the corporate boardroom.

Special Program Features

  • Participants can complete a Master's degree within a two-year, part-time, program of study
  • Technical elective courses are held in the evening hours or can be viewed online.
  • The Program targets currently employed engineers who lend diversity, experience, and richness to the classroom environment
  • Core courses aim at equipping participants with knowledge on how engineering is practiced in contemporary industry

Student Support

To focus on enhancing the educational value of the Program, non-academic aspects are administered centrally through the Office of the Dean of Engineering. The philosophy and design of the Master of Engineering Program is aimed at the full-time working professional who, through a program of study in a job-related discipline, is able to maximize experiential learning. The Program's operating policy is one that minimizes the student's time spent on administrative matters. Registration procedures and questions relating to program administration are managed through one office for the participant's convenience and for consistency in communication.

Benefits to Participants and Organizations

  • Experience with the latest techniques and applications for effective engineering practice
  • Broad exposure to the "business" of engineering and technology
  • Opportunities to engage with other participants seeking to understand what today's organizations require from world class engineering professionals
  • Development of interpersonal and collaboration skills to help effectively communicate with non-technical colleagues and customers
  • Improved ability to understand and apply strategic vision to engineering practices
  • Development of the teamwork skills necessary in today's modern business environment
  • An increased awareness of the business and managerial competencies needed to operate successfully in today's industrial environment.


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