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In order to apply to the Master of Engineering Program, students must complete the online application at the School of Graduate Studies website at

Applicants must have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in an Engineering or related field. For individuals stepping outside of their undergraduate field, additional background courses may be required as technical prerequisites. Although not required, the average program participant has an average of seven years of professional work experience.

Questions about the academic program should be addressed to:

Prof. Sree Sreenath
Faculty Director, Master of Engineering Program

The Admissions Process

Students are evaluated for admission into the Program by a committee composed of faculty representatives from the participating departments in the School of Engineering, and the Program Faculty Director.

Key elements in the admission process are: the applicant's overall undergraduate grade point average, recommendation letters, the student's ability to keep pace with heavy program demands, and their ability to make substantial, positive contributions to the Program.

An applicant may be admitted with a full academic standing or with a provisional standing. Additionally, the committee may also set certain conditions for a student's admission into the program.

To be admitted into the Program with full standing, the applicant should have a good prior academic record at an institution whose status and programs are accessible for evaluation and a demonstrated ability to handle rigorous and complex work professionally.

Admission to the Program with a provisional standing will be made when a student gives evidence of ability that is sufficiently convincing to warrant admission, but the quantity or quality of the student's preparation may be difficult to determine with sufficient certainty for unconditional admission. The provisions will be specified and transmitted to the student at the time of admission. The student will have 2 semesters to succeed academically and achieve full standing; otherwise, they will be separated from study in the Program.

Under special circumstances, students who hold a B.S. degree in an Engineering or related Science field may apply as a non-degree student in order to register for core courses or technical electives prior to applying for admission as a full standing student in the Program. As a condition for post-baccalaureate study, the written consent is needed of the instructor for each graduate level course in which enrollment is requested. If a non-degree student is later accepted into the Program on a full or provisional basis, only that portion of graduate level work (courses numbered 400 or higher) taken as a non-degree student and approved by the Program's Faculty Director may be applied in partial fulfillment of degree requirements. The term of the earliest course so credited will establish the date of entrance into the degree program.

Personal Interviews

If you wish to visit the campus and schedule an informational interview, please contact Prof. Sree Sreenath, Faculty Director, Master of Engineering Program, 216-368-1888, or


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